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  • $ 36.99

  • Basic Oil Filter Specialty Filters Available
  • (5) Five Quarts of Oil 5W 20 / 5W 30 / 10W 30 - $5.50 for ea. additional quart.
  • Conventional Bottled Oils

    • Conventional - $6.50 / Quart
    • Synthetic Blend - $6.50 / Quart
    • Full Synthetic - $9.50 / Quart
  • Specialty Bottled Oils

    • High Mileage - $10.00 / Quart
    • Synthetic Blend - $10.00 / Quart
    • Full Synthetic - $35.00 / Quart
* Bottled Oil Fee - $6.00


1How long does it take for an oil change?
From the start of your service, you can expect your oil change to be completed within 10-15 minutes that includes an 18 point inspection.
2What is the price of an oil change?
Our conventional oil change starts at $36.99. A synthetic blend oil change package—recommended for most vehicles under 75,000 miles, and under 10 years old—is priced at $46.99. A high mileage oil change, for vehicles that exceed 75,000 miles or are more than 10 years old, runs $46.99. And a full synthetic oil change, recommended for most vehicles up to 10 years old, is $71.99.
3What is included in an oil change?
At Magic Express, each oil change package comes with an array of routine maintenance services, well beyond the oil change itself. In addition to changing the oil and filters, we offer a tire pressure check, a fluid top-off, and an 18-point inspection for your vehicle.
4What type of oil does my car need?
There is much misunderstanding about the difference between conventional and synthetic oil, as well as choosing the right oil grade (for example, 10W-30, SAE 5W-40, etc.) The best way to determine what type of oil to use in your car is to check the manufacturer’s guide, where you’ll find a recommendation based on rigorous manufacturer testing. You can also bring your vehicle to Meineke to get a recommendation from one of our service professionals.
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